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英國倫敦加能院(UKPRN:10085256)在英國成功完成註冊為學習提供商。  英國倫敦加能學院為國際高等教育學習者提供混合O2O在線學習課程,從而完成學位。 這包括高級文憑過渡、學位完成、碩士和博士學位學習。 英國倫敦加能學院授權SIEG在亞太地區和大中華區開展業務。 目前,我們正與美國西雅圖太平洋路德大學 (Pacific Lutheran University, Seattle, USA)、英國培訓資格(TQUK)和英國一優獎教育集團(One Awards Group UK) 合作。

Canary College London UK (UKPRN: 10085256) is registered successfully in UK Register of Learning Provider.   Canary College London UK offers blended O2O online learning programs for international learners in Higher Education leading to degree completion.  This includes higher diploma bridging, degree completion, master‘s and doctoral degree.  Canary College London UK licensed SIEG to operate in Asia-Pacific and Greater China region.  Currently, we collaborate and partner with Pacific Lutheran University, Seattle, USA, TQUK and One Awards Group UK.

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